E-Ticket Delivery

A PDF file will be uploaded by the seller and will be available for you to download in your SI Tickets Account. SI Tickets will notify you via email when your tickets are available to download. 

In order to view the PDF file on your computer, you will need Adobe Reader or another PDF reader application installed on your computer. Download Adobe Reader for free by visiting:  https://acrobat.adobe.com/us/en/acrobat/pdf-reader.html.

**E-Tickets must be printed**. They will not be accepted by the venue if they are displayed from a mobile device.  Each page in the PDF is a ticket and will need to be printed on an individual piece of paper. Do not print your tickets double-side, as this may prevent you from getting into the venue.  If you do not have a printer you can visit your local library or a FedEx or UPS center to gain access to a printer.

If you have damaged, misplaced, or lost your printed E-Tickets you can reprint them from your SI Tickets account at any time. Please be advised that each ticket can only be scanned once to gain entry into the venue.

If you think your E-Ticket PDF file was accessed by someone other than yourself, or if your printed E-Tickets were stolen or misplaced and you believe someone else has access to them, please contact support immediately. SI Tickets will make every attempt to reissue your tickets, but cannot guarantee that tickets can be reissued.

If you have any questions about your E-Tickets please contact support.

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