Personal Profile Payment Limits

Venmo has established Personal Profile Payment Limits. These limits vary by Venmo User. Users who have successfully completed Venmo’s identity verification process will have a higher weekly spending limit. 

  • Without completing Venmo’s identify verification process, users have a weekly spending limit of $299.99. 
  • With successful completion of Venmo’s identify verification process, users combined weekly spending limit is $6999.99.

Venmo also has a daily merchant limit of $2999.99 per Venmo User. This means that the maximum an SI Tickets User can spend on SI Tickets is $2999.99 daily. Please complete your purchase with an alternate payment method (either Credit Card / Debit Card or PayPal) if your purchase value equals or exceeds $3000 USD. 

For more information regarding Venmo Personal Profile Payment Limits please review the following article published by Venmo: 

Venmo Personal Profile Payment Limits are subject to change. Please check with Venmo for the most current policy details and information. 

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