Transaction Fees on SI Tickets

For a limited time, starting on August 16, 2022, SI Tickets is offering a promotional low $10 Flat Fee (Transaction Fee) on all ticket orders, regardless of how many tickets are purchased! 

SI Tickets typically charges a 20% Transaction Fee on ticket purchases. Transaction Fees are collected to ensure SI Tickets fans have an optimal experience on our website and at the event. The Transaction Fee contributes to expenses including: 

  • General Ticket Operations
  • Extended Customer Support
  • Ticket Fulfillment / Delivery
  • Seller Partnerships and Integrations
  • Inventory Acquisition
  • Platform Features and Improvements
  • A Safe and Secure Checkout

Reservation Orders are not subject to a transaction fee at the initial point of sale. However, a 10% Fulfillment Fee will apply to Ticket Purchases for Reservation Orders in addition to the Ticket Price. 

If you have any questions about Transaction Fees, please contact

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