Postseason Seat License (PSL)

Sports Illustrated Tickets is the only Ticket Marketplace offering fans a  Postseason Seat License (PSL) where fans can reserve tickets to individual playoff games for every team in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL - as well as 5 College Conference Championships, 7 BCS Bowls, and the Final Four.

All  Postseason Seat License (PSL) Events are contingent events, where it has not yet been determined which two teams will play in the game. 

The customer will pay the Postseason Seat License (PSL) Fee upfront and when their team makes the game, at the customer's option, they can pay the additional pre-determined Ticket Price. 

  • Postseason Seat License (PSL) Fee: This is the price that you will be charged at checkout when you buy a Postseason Seat License. The License Fee will fluctuate on the Sports Illustrated Tickets Market, increasing and decreasing as the team performs, considering injuries, trades, and/or the teams' odds of playing in the game. Once a Reservation has been purchased, the Postseason Seat License (PSL) Fee is non-refundable. 
  • Ticket Price: This is the price that you can pay to purchase the tickets when the team reserved makes the game. The Ticket Price is fixed and disclosed at the time the reservation is purchased.

Customers can sell their PSL on Sports Illustrated Tickets as long as the game is still contingent and your team is still in the running.

How It Works
Reserve Braves tickets for the NLCS Home Game 2 in the lower level outfield for $34 today. When the Braves make the game you can purchase the tickets for $150 each. In total, you would pay $184 for a NLCS ticket that is expected to cost over $400 the week of the game. 

When your team makes the game
When your team makes the game you will receive an email from Sports Illustrated Tickets with information about how to purchase your tickets. You will have a specified timeframe to move forward with your purchase. We require your decision within the specified timeframe to ensure delivery of the tickets prior to the event. Fans who do not purchase within the timeframe forfeit their right to buy tickets for the event. If you proceed to purchase tickets, a 10% Fulfillment Fee will apply to Postseason Seat License (PSL) Order Ticket Purchases, which will be charged in addition to the Ticket Price.

Ticket Delivery
Once both teams are determined, our team will begin assigning tickets to fans. Tickets are guaranteed to be located within the seating zone you selected and are typically delivered within 24 hours of the game. Sports Illustrated Tickets also guarantees up to two (2) tickets to be next to one another. The exact location of the tickets will be provided once the ticket(s) have been shipped.

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