Buying Single-Game Postseason Seat Licenses (PSLs)

Single-game Postseason Seat Licenses (PSLs) are offered for a team for a specific postseason game and are available at Search for PSL events by team or by game: 

  • Search by Team: Select the team to see all games that you can buy PSLs for. 
  • Search by Game: Select the game to see all the teams who can make that game and which you can buy PSLs for. 

Add PSLs to your cart by selecting a PSL listing in your desired Seating Zone and adjust the quantity of tickets you wish to buy PSLs for. You can add multiple PSLs to your cart and purchase multiple PSLs on a single transaction.  

  • PSL Fee: This is the price that will be charged at checkout when you buy a PSL. The PSL Price will fluctuate on the SI Tickets PSL Market, increasing and decreasing as the team performs, considering injuries, trades and/or the teams odds of playing in the game. Once a PSL has been purchased, the PSL Fee is non-refundable. 
  • Ticket Price: This is the price that you can pay to purchase the tickets when the team you bought a PSL for makes the game. The Ticket Price is fixed and disclosed at the time the PSL is purchased.

There may be multiple PSL listings available for purchase in each Seating Zone. 

Once you have purchased a PSL, SI Tickets will notify you if your team has made the big game. If so, you have the option to buy the tickets in the Seating Zone you selected at the previously agreed Ticket Price. A 10% Fulfillment Fee will apply to the PSL Ticket Purchase, and this Fulfillment Fee will be charged in addition to the Ticket Price.

While the PSL market is still open, you can also list your PSL for sale. Check out the articles below to learn more:

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