Invalid Tickets

If one or more of the tickets you purchased is not scanning at the venue and you are unable to gain entry to the event, please contact support immediately. 

If the incident is reported to SI Tix immediately while you are still at the venue SI Tix can work with the seller to resolve the issue or find you comparable tickets for the event. If the issue cannot be resolved immediately or if comparable tickets are not available, a refund will be issued in full along with an additional site credit to use towards a future purchase on SI Tix. 

SI Tix requires the following documentation in order to verify the incident:

  • A photograph of each ticket that is not scanning
  • The venue gate where you attempted to have your tickets scanned
  • The name of any usher(s) or managers that you speak with at the venue or venues box office
  • A scan report showing the ticket(s) did not successfully scan (a scan report can typically be obtained at the venues box office) 

If the incident is not reported to SI Tix while you are at the venue SI Tix will initiate an Invalid Ticket Claim with the seller upon receipt and review of the documentation outlined above. 

Incidents must be reported within 5 days of the event date for SI Tix to initiate a claim. Claim decisions will be rendered 7-14 days after the claim has been initiated. Claim decisions are rendered at the sole discretion of SI Tix and a full refund is not guaranteed. 

SI Tix is not responsible if you elect to purchase replacement tickets without the involvement of SI Tix, and SI Tix will not provide reimbursement for any costs you may incur as a result of doing so. 

If you are at the Venue and are experiencing issues with your tickets, please contact us immediately at (646) 453-7400

*Tickets are determined to be comparable at the sole discretion of SI Tix. All refunds and site credits are provided at the sole discretion of SI Tix. 

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