Seating Types & Consecutive Tickets

Seat Numbers

SI Tickets does not obtain or disclose the Seat Numbers for tickets listed on SI Tickets. This is because Ticket Sellers are listing hundreds-of-thousands of tickets and they are delivering these tickets directly to our Fans. Tickets are typically sold out of a larger group or set of tickets that the Seller owns, and to avoid delays caused by seat number allocation management, to ensure our fans receive tickets as quickly as possible, Ticket Sellers are not required to disclose the seat numbers to SI Tickets.

Consecutive Tickets

Ticket Sellers are required to deliver Consecutive tickets for all Reserved tickets sold on SI Tickets. SI Tickets guarantees that a group of tickets purchased in a reserved seating location of a venue will be consecutive, next to one another in the same row, unless there is a disclosure provided by the ticket seller in the Notes field indicating otherwise. 

Reserved Seating

Reserved seats guarantee access to the exact seat location (a specific Section, Row and Seat Number) which is printed or displayed on the ticket. Similar to a reserved airline ticket or reserved seating at a movie theater, a patron with a reserved ticket to a Live Event will have sole access to the seat location printed on the ticket. All tickets sold on SI Tickets offer Reserved seats unless the Section, Row or Note indicates that the tickets are General Admission GA tickets or Standing Room Only (SRO) tickets.  

General Admission Tickets
General Admission (GA) tickets do not provide ticket holders with a reserved seat. GA tickets are often Standing Room Only (SRO). The tickets may have a row or seat number printed or displayed on the tickets, but these numbers are for inventory tracking purposes only and do not imply that there is a reserved seat location. Sellers are not required to disclose if the seats are SRO if the listing is in a General Admission section. 

Even & Odd Seating
Some venues have sections that offer only even seat numbers (2, 3, 6, 8 or 102, 104, 106, 108) or only odd seat numbers (1, 3, 5, 7 or 101, 103, 105, 107). This is most often true for theater venues. Please check the venues website for a detailed seating chart. Sellers are not required to disclose if the seats are Even or Odd because tickets in Even or Odd Sections are consecutive.

Piggyback Seating
Piggyback seating is when a ticket listing has seats that are split between two rows, with the same number of tickets in each row and where one set of tickets is directly in front of the other. Sellers are required to disclose if the seats are Piggyback in the Notes field.

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