About SI Tickets

SI Tickets is a ticket resale marketplace where fans can buy tickets listed for sale by licensed professional ticket sellers. Ticket prices are set by the ticket seller and will change often. The listed ticket price is considered the Market Value of the ticket at any given time. 

The ticket resale market is constantly influx; ticket demand and availability are constantly changing. As such, ticket prices will fluctuate often and especially in the moments before an event begins. SI Tickets updates inventory constantly, so the quantity and price of tickets listed may change from one moment to the next. SI Tickets secures your tickets with the seller in near-real time once a transaction is completed. In very rare instances a ticket seller may not be able to confirm an order. If this occurs, we recommend that fans quickly find another ticket listing to purchase as tickets are most likely selling fast!

Ticket prices may be above or below face value. The face value of the ticket is the original price of the ticket. This price is sometimes printed on the ticket when the ticket is first issued. The price printed on the ticket, and any other purchase information that might be printed on the ticket, relates to original purchase (such as the original purchaser's name) and this original purchase information has no bearing on the transferability of the ticket.

SI Tickets is not affiliated with any box office, venue or primary ticketing site and does not issue or print tickets that have been sold on SI Tickets.

Tickets sold on SI Tickets are guaranteed to be valid for entry to the event. SI Tickets offers several guarantees. Learn how you are protected with the SI Tickets Fan Guarantee. 

SI Tickets is also the only ticket marketplace offerings fans a platform to Reserve Postseason Tickets. Fans can reserve tickets to over 170 events for the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, NCAAB, and NCAAF.

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