Purchasing Tickets After or Within 1 Hour of the Event Starting

Tickets may remain listed on SI Tickets for a period of time after the event starts.  This will vary by event, and will depend on ticket availability, the venues policies surrounding gate entry and the seller’s ability to deliver the tickets after the event start time. 

If you purchase tickets for an Event after the event start time, or within 1 hour of the event you are responsible for understanding that you have purchased tickets for an event that has already started. Moreover, you are responsible  for ensuring that you are able to access the tickets via the Delivery Method provided by the seller for the tickets you purchased. For instance, if you purchased tickets available for E-Ticket delivery, you are responsible for ensuring that you have access to a printer in order to print your E-Tickets

If you purchased tickets after the event start time, or within 1 hour of the event please allow the seller some time to send your tickets. If a reasonable amount of time has passed, and you have not received your tickets please contact support immediately.

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