"Perfect 10" Winning Teams Are Based on the Point Spread

SI Tickets Weekly NFL "Perfect 10" Game uses the Point Spread to determine which teams are the winning teams each week during the NFL Season. Players who pick the winning teams based on the  Point Spread can win up to $10,000 USD as promotional credit to use on SI Tickets each week!

The "Point Spread"

The Point Spread in American Sports refers to the predicted number of points difference by which the assumed stronger team is expected to defeat the assumed weaker team. The “point spread” or “spread” is often used to determine Sports Betting odds. 

The winning “picks” or team(s) in SI Tickets Weekly NFL Perfect 10 game are determined based on the points spread, and not necessarily the actual game winner. 

In order for a team to “win” the following must be true. Either: 

  • The Underdog (the team with a positive point spread) must either: 
    • (a) lose the game by no more than the point spread, or 
    • (b) win the game by any number of points.  
  • The Favorite (the team with a negative point spread) must win by the point spread.

Picking the Underdog: 

  • SI Tickets NFL Perfect 10 Player has selected the Falcons (the Underdog) to win against the Buccaneers (the Favorite) on October 9, 2022. 
  • As the Underdog, the Falcons do not need to win the game for the Player to “win” this pick. The player “wins” the pick if 
    • The Falcons do not lose the game by more than 8.5 points 
    •  The Falcons win the game. 


Picking the Favorite: 

  • SI Tickets NFL Perfect 10 Player has selected the Buccaneers to win against the Falcons on October 9, 2022. 
  • As the Favorite, the Buccaneers need to win the game by more than 8.5 points. 


If the Outcome is a Tie (a “Push”): 

  • A “push” is when the outcome (the score difference) of the game is the exact number of points spread, and therefore, there is a tie and no one wins. 
  • There can only be a push if the point spread for the game is a whole number. This is because the score difference will never include half points (as there are no half points in NFL games). 
  • EXAMPLE: IF the final score of the Seahawks vs Lions game on October 2, 2022 was a 42-48 Lions win, a six-point difference in scores with the favorite (Lions) posting the highest score, this game would be considered a “push.” [The scores used in here are provided as an example only. The actual scores of this game were different.]
  • No winner can be declared on a SI Tickets Perfect 10 game in the event of a push. When the outcome of a game is a push, there is no winning pick possible. And in order to win the SI Tickets Perfect 10 contest on any given week, a Player must correctly pick all 10 games.  


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